Start Munich's Smart Cities Hackaton
On December 16-17, 2023, the Road to START Hack, hosted by START Munich, convened innovative minds to address Smart Cities challenges. Ammer, a key partner, presented a crucial challenge: empowering the underbanked and fostering financial inclusion.
45 participants formed 12 teams, tackling Smart Cities development with dedication. Recognizing the potential for real-world impact, four teams chose Ammer's challenge.
The challenge was to transition 1 million consumers from being unbanked to a bankless future within 12 months. This ambitious goal aimed to empower individuals, stimulate economic growth, and drive financial inclusion within Smart Cities.

4 teams - Contributee, Ammer Aim, Ammer Life, and Ammerging Pay - presented their solutions. These included proposals for a Micro Credit Protocol, enhanced donation processes, sustainable UBI models, and community empowerment through DAOs. Each solution was evaluated for its ability to scale, be sustainable, and contribute to financial inclusion and community empowerment within Smart Cities.
Contributee emerged as the winner, impressing judges with their vision for an Ammer Wallet infrastructure. This project aims to improve the financial well-being of individuals in developing countries by introducing them to cryptocurrency and lowering interest rates, ultimately unlocking economic growth potential.
The reward for the winning team is a 12-month scholarship to implement their vision, as well as extensive mentorship and support for on-the-ground implementation.

Ammer's challenge at the hackathon highlighted the potential of technology to address social issues, particularly financial inclusion in the developing world.