Ammer Group AG is a Swiss holding developing
and offering innovative products and solutions in the intersection of finance, technology and regulation.
We partner with banks, governments and innovative companies around the globe.
For whom
We cooperate with innovators and thought leaders from all over the world
Give your audience the spending experience they know and love with a secure card-sized wallet that has tap and pay functionality!
Jump-start your CBDC project with our technology. We cover the entire process including issuance, distribution and integration of commercial banks.
Put your trust into a technology that has stood the test of time and that fits right in your pocket. Ammer Wallet is the only wallet you need with its multi-asset support and form-factor.
Whenever you are a creator or
a department store awe your customers by using DLT-based technology
to organize loyalty programs that truly engage with your customers be it just
a custom rewards token or AR play
to earn games.
It has always been clear to us that the added value of our services and products should be based on transparency, cost reduction, speed, and decentralization. These principles have given rise to our subsidiaries.
Case studies
Ammer Pay experience around the world
22-26.05 2022
22-26.05 2022
Davos, Switzerland
DLT experience during
World Economic Forum
14-15.07 2022
14-15.07 2022
Frankfurt, Germany
The Digital Euro Association's
Summer Fest
20.07 2022
20.07 2022
Paris, France
The Lahoo Rooftop Party during the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris
Every first sunday of month
Every first sunday of month
Zug, Switzerland
Crypto Brunch every four weeks
in Crypto Valley