TUM Blockchain Conference
Germany's leading student-run event dedicated to exploring the frontiers of blockchain technology took place September 22-23 in Munich, Germany. Ammer Group was presenting partner of the conference and joined.
Showcasing the Ammer Web3 Ecosystem
Ammer showcased its innovative Web3 payment ecosystem throughout the conference:
  • Ammer Chain: TBC tokens were created for the event, to be used as tokenized voucher in the conference.
  • Ammer Card: VIPs and conference partners received exclusive physical Ammer cards, functioning as secure hardware wallets, pre-loaded with TBC tokens
  • Ammer Wallet: General attendees downloaded branded virtual cards and received an airdrop of TBC tokens to explore blockchain payments
  • Ammer Pay solution was provided to the merchant operating at the conference.

Frictionless Transactions with TBC Conference Token
The TBC Conference token, built on the closed Ammer chain, facilitated seamless transactions throughout the event. Transactions using TBC tokens were completely free, with one token valued at one euro. This efficient system allowed attendees to experience the power of blockchain technology firsthand.

Ammer Pay Empowers Merchants
We equipped three merchants to accept TBC Conference tokens:

  • A coffee stand demonstrated the ease of mobile payments with Ammer Pay on a smartphone.
  • A food truck used two Ammer Pay PoS terminals, streamlining the checkout process.
  • The Beer Tent also featured two Ammer Pay PoS terminals, ensuring a smooth flow of refreshments
Impressive Results:
The conference saw significant adoption of Ammer's technology, with a total of 4514 TBC tokens spent over the two days. There were 925 finalized transactions and 170 total wallet holders (both hardware and software). This showcases the potential of Ammer's user-friendly and secure Web3 ecosystem.

Victor Ammer, CEO and founder of Ammer Group, took the stage to present on "A Billion Dollar Problem". The presentation focused on how web3-based payment infrastructure can make an impact on the unbanked world. We remain committed to driving innovation in the blockchain space and empowering users to navigate the exciting world of Web3.