Crypto Assets Conference
Crypto Asset Conference, Frankfurt am Main, brings together the best minds in blockchain, crypto, and DeFi from Germany and Europe. Ammer Ecosystem took blockchain innovation to new heights with seamless implementations:

Ammer Cards for guests
Guests were greeted with cards upon registration, simplifying access and transactions.

Special token for the event
CAC Tokens were effortlessly airdropped to attendees' Ammer Cards upon activation, ensuring a secure and convenient event experience.

First-hand cryptopayment experience
For a refreshing energy boost, Red Bull was exclusively available for purchase using CAC Tokens, showcasing the practicality of cryptocurrency in everyday transactions.

Exclusive NFTs
The post-event excitement continued with an Easter NFT collection, accessible exclusively with CAC Tokens, highlighting the event's commitment to cutting-edge blockchain applications.

The results speak for themselves:
- A total of 330 cards issued for attendees' convenience.
- 395 CAC Coins distributed, equivalent to 395 Euros spent.
- 128 proud holders of CAC Coins, embracing the future of digital assets.
- The blockchain recorded 281 finalized transactions, emphasizing the efficiency and transparency of this cutting-edge technology.