Ammer Vault
The enterprise wallet solution to comply with your organization's use and access policies when storing and operating with digital assets.
Types of clients:
Manage your digital asset treasury with our complete suite of tools tailored for a multi-user environment.

Assign different access rights and limits, enforce multi-authorization policies for core accounts
and get access to a full real-time audit-log.
Protect the digital asset endowments made by your contributors from both technical security risks and governance risks.

Enforce policies that any outgoing payment must be approved by several of your board members while assets are securely stored away inside a datacenter in the Swiss Alps.
Offer fully segregated digital asset accounts to your clients and give them peace of mind by having them as part of the required quorum members to move any of their assets outside the vault storage.
Choose the solution which was built to be compliant with German banking practices.

Whenever you are looking to offer simple segregated accounts denominated in digital assets or you want to offer merchants crypto-payments acquiring - our solution enables you to do it all.
How does it work?
Primus HSM
(Cloud or On-Premise)
Securosys Transaction
Security Broker
and results
for Cryptographic
Key Creation
Key operation
approval requests/responses
Mobile Approver Application
Mobile Approver Application
Mobile Approver Application
Smart Card
Smart Card
Smart Card
How does it work?
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Why Ammer Vault
Protect your private keys using
an industry-leading and audited HSM from Securosys and mitigate both technical and legal risks
Private keys protection
Use existing workflows
or rapidly build new ones to stay in line with your organization's policies
Flexible workflow
Have a complete audit trail
of when, where and how cryptographic keys were used for audit purposes
Ammer Vault use cases
Store your digital art objects and quickly settle client purchases without all the headaches of 3-rd parties to offload digital items
Digital Art Galleries/
Auction Houses
When the company
is a regulated financial institution which must implement control mechanisms including 4-eyes principle and tasked with keeping client-owned assets
Crypto custody
When the company has cash-flows denominated in digital assets and wants to store them themselves
Corporate treasury