How to attach your card ?
To activate your new card, you will need the Ammer Wallet app. In the app, you will be able to manage your crypto assets and create virtual cards. To use the app with the card, you will need an NFC-enabled smartphone with NFC turned on.
First of all, open your app. Press the 'Attach plastic card' button on the welcome screen. The app will prompt you to hold the card to the back of your phone, closer to the camera. If you are not sure, which position is the best, please refer to your device manufacturer's advice on using NFC.
#2 Attach your card
#1 Download the Ammer Wallet app
The app will prompt you to hold the card to the back of your phone once more to activate it and attach it to the app. It is done!
#4 Activate your card
Your freshly activated card will be shown on the main screen of the app.
#5 Welcome to Ammer Wallet
After the card is identified, the app will ask you to set a PIN to protect your card. Enter the PIN one more time to confirm it.
#3 Set Card PIN
Now, you can choose your favorite assets that will be stored on the card. Press the 'Add asset' button and choose those you would like to add. The assets will appear in the list, and you will be able to view their balances and make transactions.
#6 Choose your asset
IPhone X - 13
iPhone 7/8
Pixel 5/6
& Other Androids
Download from
the QR code
Scan QR by phone camera and download the app
Enter card PIN
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