Not just a card
it's a wallet!
Ammer Card is a multi-asset hardware wallet with an accessible shape of a bank card with NFC capability. It comes with an easy to use companion app called Ammer Wallet that allows you to manage your assets.
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Multi-Asset support
Auto-generated keys stored exclusively in your card
Total Security
Tangible, accessible and easy to use
Store and use Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins and other tokens in your wallet.
Traditional Design
Сompatible with the
Ammer Ecosystem
Hardware and software
point-of-sales terminals
Web payments
in cryptcurrencies
Industry grade
Ammer Card uses the most safe and reliable technology used by banks.
Access to your private keys and transaction signing are protected by a 6-digit PIN.
Wallet security
Hardware security
Your keys are stored in the secure element which guarantees the highest level of protection.
Certified and compliant
Compliant with EMVCo,
CC EAL6+, ISO/IEC7816, ISO/IEC14443, ISO/IEC19794
Cards are dust- and waterproof. They are designed to last many years and sign hundreds of thousands of transactions.
How to activate your Ammer Card
Frequently Asked
A step-by-step guide on how to set up your Ammer Card
FAQ about the cards, the wallet, security and backups, exchange to fiat and more
Connect Ammer Wallet with your Telegram account to send to and receive crypto from your contacts
Send crypto to your Telegram contacts
With Ammer Wallet, you can buy anything directly in Telegram and pay in crypto — fast and easy
Buy NFT or goods
directly in Telegram
Integration with
Telegram app
Cards are easily customized for the needs of your company and your clients